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Everyone has a role to play in stopping violence and working together, we can help young people to be greater.

As part of the young people’s ‘I am greater’ campaign, we’ve produced four videos, each covering a different topic relating to violence and hosted by an expert in the subject area.

The videos aim to help parents speak to their child about difficult subjects and to sign post to further help and support. We have also listed relevant help and support on this page.

Scroll down to watch each video:

What is violence and how to know if your child is at risk

Video featuring Melvyn McDonald, youth worker from Hideaway youth club.



Domestic abuse and trauma: how to get help

Video featuring Janine Day, Operations Director from Early Break.


What to do you if your child has been affected by violence

Video featuring Dave Gilbride, Victim Champion, from Victims Services.


What is an active bystander? Help your child to manage violence and conflict safely

Video featuring Rebecca Bromley-Woods, Education Lead from the GM Violence Reduction Unit.


Support Services