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Violence isn’t me … I am greater

Check out the videos from young people – just like you – who have chosen to say violence isn’t me …

Kadija staring at the camera

Violence can be carrying a weapon, which risks everything from prison, a criminal record, to becoming a victim yourself.

It can also be physical fighting, bullying or sharing harmful videos or pictures online.

The I am greater campaign shares stories from real young people in Greater Manchester showing why they are greater than violence.

Watch Kadija’s story, to find out why she’s choosing to say ‘violence isn’t me … I am greater … I am an aspiring midwife.’

You can join her …. check out our make it happen page. 


Help and Support

If you’re involved in, or affected by violence, it’s never too late to get help.

Get Help

Make it Happen

Get inspired and make your future happen by achieving your goals – local clubs, new skills, work experience or even landing a job!

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