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Violence isn’t me … I am greater

Violence is not just physical fighting but can include arguments, rumours, bullying, offensive language or intimidation.

When you see your mate’s behaviour isn’t right, you can prevent the situation from escalating with your ‘words’.

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Wondering what you can do when your mate’s behaviour isn’t right?

If it is safe, you can take one of the following actions based on the situation:

Be direct – If it is safe to do so, let your mate know that their behaviour is not okay.
Get help – speak to other friends to decide how to act. You should always call 999 in an emergency.
Distract – Do something to get your mate away from the situation, speak to them at a later time to tell them it wasn’t ok.

You can learn more about how your words can prevent violence in a safe manner.

Be greater than violence, act when your mate’s behaviour isn’t right.

Help and Support

If you’re involved in, or affected by violence, it’s never too late to get help.

Get Help

Make it Happen

Get inspired and make your future happen by achieving your goals – local clubs, new skills, work experience or even landing a job!

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